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Friday FreebitsIt’s Freebits Friday! This week’s  six paragraph excerpt is again from my historical romance, Winter Fire. Early in the book, Zara Grey has had a first encounter with Ethan Caine in the settlement after living for fifteen years among the Iroquois.


From the moment I picked up WINTER FIRE and read the prologue, I knew it was going to be one of those books that I could not put down. It has been a long time since I have read a book that I enjoyed as thoroughly as I did this fantastic novel created by Kathy Fischer-Brown.– Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Emails from the Edge


Zara drew the woolen shawl tight against a sudden blast of winter wind, and pressed herself close to the slats in the corner of the wagon bed. The bumping, jolting pace of the ride home seemed far more uncomfortable than the ride into the village. The soft earth had grown hard, heaving up rocks and swells. Ice had formed a brittle crust over the standing water in the hollows and wagon ruts studding the road. Despite her uncle’s good cheer, a tension hung on the air, as frigid as the gust that took her breath away.

Hoping to catch another glimpse of the man on the road, Zara glanced up again in the direction of the settlement. He was long gone from view, but the effect of his dark eyes upon her had not faded. He had called to her with his silent voice and with his eyes and his heart. Unlike the rude and gawking stares of those who regarded her with secret scorn and barely suppressed fear–as if she had walked naked among them–the man’s eyes had been filled with sadness and a longing as deep and as real as her own.

She pulled the rainbow ribbon from her hair and pressed its cool smoothness to her cheek.

Beside her in the straw-strewn wagon bed, his thin legs drawn up to his chest, head bobbing to the rhythm of the ride, Jabez stared at the darkening sky, a blade of straw between his teeth. Earlier in the day he had indicated points of interest along the route. It had been nothing but idle talk to fill up the time and ease the discomfort inspired by their forced closeness. Even though he had made no attempt to hide his uneasiness, his natural sincerity had touched her.

But now his silence echoed her own anxiety. She sensed his disquiet in his faraway eyes and his reticence.

Zara turned her eyes skyward. Tahahiawakon! He-Who-Holds-up-the-sky! It is I, whom you once knew as Jiiwi, daughter of the Great Hill People, keepers of the western door of the Ongweh-oh-weh-ney. Send me a sign so that I may know your wishes.


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