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Friday FreebitsThis week’s six-paragraph Friday Freebit is again from The Partisan’s Wife, the final book in “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy. Anne and Peter have just been wed. They are in his tent at the American encampment on the heights at Stillwater, as two armies entrench for battle.


5 Stars “In The Partisan’s Wife, the last book in the trilogy, the author picks up where the second book left off. I have to admit that I am totally impressed with the author’s research into the time period her books are written in, everything was just perfect. With more twists and turns, the author finishes off the trilogy with an unexpected ending. I would Highly recommend the trilogy for all suspenseful historical romance fans…” — My Cozy Corner Reviews


He barely made sense. Why would General Schuyler have a friend in New York when all patriots in that British-occupied town were either in hiding or in prison? Everyone knew this. “What do you know of the shipping trade?” A hint of suspicion crept into her voice. His so-called ‘scouting’ expeditions had taught her to be wary of half-truths.

“Not much, I’m afraid,” he smiled the bright, honest smile that never failed to make her heart flutter, “but I’m willing to learn. It could prove to be an opportunity for us.”

Anne studied the earnestness in his expression and grazed his cheek with the backs of her fingers. “What happened to your plans for the Ohio Territory?”

“I haven’t forgotten.” He took her hand in his two. “But wouldn’t you prefer city life, in a civilized town like New York? I’ve been thinking about this for some time. Imagine…you’ll wear fine clothes and live in a brick house with a parlor and upstairs bedrooms. We’ll have it painted yellow with green shutters, and you’ll have someone to cook and clean and mend for you…and hot water for a bath whenever you want.”

A part of her melted at the suggestion. The mere thought of a solid roof over her head and real floors under foot was far too tempting. The Ohio Territory was said to be a wild and hostile place, where even the rustic comforts she had enjoyed on the McKenna farm would seem extravagant in comparison.

“It matters to me not where we go. Wherever you are, that is my home.”



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