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His Shadowedfdde2-55327_girl-writing_lg Heart

The shadows of the remaining light played across Caroline’s sleeping countenance and he smoothed a lock of hair that had strayed across her forehead. He knew the desire that his lips should follow his finger’s course, but even in his state of inebriation, he knew this would be foolish.

For several minutes, he watched his wife sleep, eventually placing his head upon the pillow beside her. His lips curved into a loving smile as his eyes drank in her sleep-softened countenance and he felt her breath caress his cheek. The longing to hold her became an almost physical thing and his arms ached with the suppressed desire.

Eventually she stirred, muttering incoherently in her sleep, and he raised himself up. What foolishness is this, he thought. I am acting like a callow youth, and immediately he was on his feet. Snatching up the light, he went quickly out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him.Statham-HisShadowedHeart200x300

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At eight p.m., he drove to the camp. The dark skies overhead made it seem later than dusk. Just to make sure he covered his bases, he ran his Jeep off the road in a ravine deep enough to need a tow-truck to get out. By the time he reached her Craftsman house, he was soaked to the skin. Damn! He never thought a summer rain could be so freaking cold. A woman who fed the squirrels and birds would not turn her back on a stranded motorist. Would she?

He knocked on the door and waited. The air rumbled with a distant thunder. In the past decade, he had thought about her many times: The sad young girl with the magnificent eyes. So he wasn’t prepared for the woman who opened the door. Her eyes were that same bright blue, but the rest of her bore little resemblance to the skinny teenager in that hospital bed. Her hair had grown back and fell beAttalla-ChinaBlue-200x300low her shoulders in thick black waves. Denim jeans molded long legs and a fitted tee shirt revealed a hint of cleavage at the scoop neck. But her most striking feature was the rifle cradled in her arms.

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“By the Blessed Mother, I shall not be your slave forever.  I swear it!”Max stopped at the door, one powerful hand resting on the high latch, gazing back at her.”The day will come when I shall relinquish you to whatever fate devises,” he replied evenly, as if this, too, was an outcome he would control.  “But, Klara, haven’t your teachers explained that words should be chosen precisely?  You are not my slave.  A more perfect metaphor would be that of a little brown nightingale kept in a fine and luxurious cage for her own good.”

“Your pet!”

“My sweet, sweet songbird.” Tenderness, for the first time in this encounter, entered his voice.  “My beautiful and wonderfully talented Nightingale.”

As she began to weep, he’d said, “Now listen to me, Maria Klara and listen well!  I charge you to always remember, I am the one who holds the key to your cage.”


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Wolf Magic, Avador Book 5

He reached her cell and–


Shock rendered him speechless, his throat dry. His heart pounded wildly.

Sitting on the floor, she held her shift in clawed hands, her arms and legs covered with fur. Her face red with shame, she turned away from him. He heaMartin-WolfMagic200x300rd her sobs, saw her trembling.

This is Annwn?

He clenched his hands, fighting for control. Helpless to do anything, he could only stare. He discarded his shock; his heart turned over with love and pity for her.



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